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Licensed & Insured MHIC # 05-131195

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Laurel Home Remodelers has worked from large to modest homes, and everything in between. We can do full repainting jobs or simple touch-ups.

It takes flexibility, skill, and up-to-date knowledge of the latest techniques and products to properly paint residential and commercial spaces.

Laurel Home Remodelers has served the Maryland Area for many years. We treat your home or business's space as if it were are own. To that end, we offer full surface protection and careful preparation. And when our paint craftsman bring out their rollers, brushes or sprayers, they deliver the finest craftsmanship possible. Our preparation, painting and clean-up efforts are undertaken as quietly, respectfully, and thoroughly as possible. We also paint shutters, windows and doors, and easily reinstall them. This is all designed to ensure that your space remains a home and not a workshop.

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