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When your home or business needs a new roof, or you need to replace, restore or repair your existing one, Laurel Home Remodelers Inc. is on top of things.  Everything!

We take pride in every one of our roofs.  We use only top of the line materials, products, and  installation methods.  We strive to give our customers the best possible roof for the lowest price.  We go the extra step as owners to be onsite during the entire re-roof process to make sure your home is protected and to make sure your new roof is completed to our higher standards.


Over the years we have built an outstanding reputation with the customers and the business professionals we have worked with. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality craftsmanship is what has given us our reputation throughout Maryland. A highly efficient, experienced and skilled professional installers ensure 100% customer satisfaction is achieved in every job. So if you need a roofer...

We'll beat any estimate.

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Everithing under one roof...



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